About Tablona

Akram Al Sharif is a Darbuka maker from Egypt that has developed the first inflatable Darbuka in the World. 

The first Tablona was created in Cairo, Egypt early 2016. It took about a whole year to get the first model to work, but after many hours and lots of persistence the first model came to life.

The Tablona has been tested over and over again and exposed to extreme conditions. Tablona can function in all kinds of weather and is always concert ready

Akram Al Sharif creates professional regular ceramic Darbuka’s and Duholla’s as well as two sizes of Tablona. Combining Egyptian modern art along side the ancient culture and arts of Egypt we bring to  you the most unique of designs and most daring artists. All our designs are hand made from start to finish, so is the whole process, it takes about two months to create one Darbuka.

Watch our video introducing the Tablona and please feel free to contact us at any time.




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